“Free Choice” Cemetery Discovered at Rome’s Ostia Antica

Archaeologists (a number of them from the American Institute for Roman Culture) have uncovered a necropolis at Ostia Antica, a 2,700-year-old port near Rome founded by Ancus Marcius and the third most visited Italian archaeological site after the Colosseum and Pompeii. About a dozen tombs were found at the site, more specifically in the Parco dei Ravennati. The most important characteristic of the cemetery might be the fact that it shows traces of various funeral rites, ranging from burials to cremations, within a single extended family. This, according to the site director Paola Germoni, demonstrates how individuals had more freedom in regard to their postmortem body before Christian burial customs were established as the norm.

A video of the excavation site, courtesy of AIRC:

For more information: https://au.news.yahoo.com/world/a/24514103/archaeologists-discover-roman-free-choice-cemetery/