Chariots engraving of Timna Valley digitally scanned

3D model of “Chariots” engraving of Timna Valley to reveal more about ancient Midianites and Egyptians

Chariots engraving Timna valley digital scanning

© Hebrew University Institute of Archaeology

Around 1960, the late researcher Beno Rothenberg began to excavate the archaeological site of Timna Valley, situated in the southern Arabah plain of Israel. There he discovered an engraving that, according to his conjectures, depicts the lives of Midianites and Egyptians in the Timna mines during the 12th-14th centuries BC. The find was named the Chariots engraving, after one of its scene which likely represents Egyptians wielding weapons on battle chariots.

Recently, Dr. Leore Grosman and a team from the Computerized Archaeology Laboratory in the Institute of Archaeology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem have digitally scanned the engraving into a 3D model which renders visible its subtler details, and which is impervious to physical damage unlike the original. The digital scanning of the Chariots engraving of Timna Valley can also shed light on the carving techniques of the time.

This is the first time in Israel a rock engraving of this scale has been digitalized.

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