Reorganization of MFA Boston ancient Greek art

MFA Boston updates its display of ancient Greek art for 21st century


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The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston has reorganized the display of its ancient Greek art collection across three galleries named “Wine, Poets and Performers in Ancient Greece.” More than 230 artifacts, dating back to 6th-4th centuries BC, offer a vivid portrayal of ancient Greek warfare legends, theatre practices and cultural customs related to wine. According to Christine Kondoleon, senior curator of Greek and Roman art at the MFA, almost all the artifacts were restored last year, for the first time in a century. The museum hopes to rejuvenate the ancient world for the 21st century, not only with its restoration of the artworks, but also with its multimedia-oriented approach when providing historical context.

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(Left: head of Homer, around 1st century BC or AD, possibly from Mount Pentelikon near Athens)