Abraham, the patriarch

Cover eBook "Abraham, the Patriarch"

Great figures of the Book series

Abraham, to whom God promised descendants as numerous as the stars in the sky, is the ‘father of the faithful’. Jews, Christians and Muslims all claim him as their father, each with its own views on the patriarch. But who was he really? How was he interpreted and what do we know about him? In search of a better understanding of the patriarch, The World of the Bible turns to the Book itself and to the latest archaeological studies.

Great figures of the Book series

Abraham, Moses, David, Solomon, Paul, the Prophets and many more: The World of the Bible is launching a series of ebooks on the great figures of the Book. Each issue gathers a group of distinguished specialists to focus on one or a set of figures, ranging from the most canonical to the lesser known. This new series will be for its collector an unprecedented gallery of portraits, featuring the founders and the forgers of Mediterranean and Western civilizations.

From the series: Moses, the history and the legend

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