Judas, a necessary traitor


The Gospels portray a traitor who gives up Jesus on the Mount of Olives for cash. The disciple, later realising how heinous a crime he had committed, is said to have hanged himself in despair. The legacy has been a heavy one to bear. No Christian thereafter would give their child the accursed name. But can we make a definitive judgment? Over the course of centuries, since the earliest days of Christianity, people have attempted to reveal a different side to the disciple, and to offer a varying interpretation of the events surrounding him. Why did the betrayal take place? Others have even gone so far as to try to rehabilitate Judas. The affair rose to prominence again and mystery deepened in 2006, when a second-century document came to light – the Gospel according to Judas.
This ebook answers some of the questions and tries to unravel the mystery…

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