Moses, the history and the legend

Cover eBook "Moses, the history and the legend"

Great figures of the Book series

Iconoclast and liberator, witness to the impossibility of knowing God, Moses is doubtless one of the most prominent figures of the Old Testament. He was at the birth of Judaism as well as that of monotheism in general, and led the Hebrews out of Egypt, heading for the Promised Land and prompting a political renewal of the Jewish people. Moses has fascinated many a great thinker throughout the ages and, in particular, those of the 20th century, for example Sigmund Freud. Nowadays, the historicity of Moses is no longer at the forefront of research. Rather, today’s historians and theologians alike tend to focus on the symbolism of the patriarch and his relevance to the identity of the three great monotheistic religions. To find out more about the intricacies of the figure, The World of the Bible proposes Moses, the history and the legend.


Great figures of the Book series

Abraham, Moses, David, Solomon, Paul, the Prophets and many more: The World of the Bible is launching a series of ebooks on the great figures of the Book. Each issue gathers a group of distinguished specialists to focus on one or a set of figures, ranging from the most canonical to the lesser known. This new series will be for its collector an unprecedented gallery of portraits, featuring the founders and the forgers of Mediterranean and Western civilizations.

From the series: Abraham, the patriarch


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