New Religious Studies Books

This Week’s New Religious Studies Books

harp-of-prophecyThe Chronicle of Higher Education has compiled a list of this week’s publications in religious studies. The list includes: Communities in Dispute: Current Scholarship on the Johannine Epistles, a collective work on “the content, authorship, audience, and theology of the short letters in the New Testament traditionally attributed to the Fourth Evangelist,” edited by R. Alan Culpepper of Mercer University and Paul N. Anderson of George Fox University; The Harp of Prophecy: Early Christian Interpretation of the Psalms (left), also a collective work, edited by Brian E. Daley of University of Notre Dame and Paul R. Kolbet of Yale Divinity School — a book which examines exegetes such as Athanasius, Augustine and Evagrius Ponticus; and thirdly Scripture and Tradition: Rabbi Akiva and the Triumph of Midrash by Azzan Yadin-Israel of Rutgers University on the authorship and divergent content of the Sifra.