Discovery of royal entryway to Herodian Hilltop Palace

Archaeologists discover a monumental royal entryway to Herodian Hilltop Palace


© The Herodium Expedition at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Archaeologists from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s Institute of Archaeology have discovered a colossal royal entryway to the Herodian Hilltop Palace. The highlight of the entryway is a corridor of astounding scale buttressed by a complex system of arches; in its present preserved state, the corridor measures 20 meters in height and length, and 6 meters in width. According to the involved Hebrew University archaeologists, such as Roi Porat, Yakov Kalman and Rachel Chachy, the corridor was in fact most likely never in use. They suggest that this might be explained by the fact that during the construction of the entryway, Herod became aware of his impending death and decided to convert the site into a commemorative monument. 

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