Exodus and Liberation: Moses in the Anglophone world

Exodus and Liberation: The Tale of Moses in the Anglophone world

John-Coffrey-Exodus-LiberationJohn Coffey, Professor of Early Modern History at the University of Leicester and author of Exodus and Liberation: Deliverance Politics from John Calvin to Martin Luther King Jr., has recently posted a brief overview of his book on the Oxford University Press blog. The book was initially published in the winter of 2013, but the recent premiere of Ridley Scott’s Exodus: Gods and Kings seems to have made it especially topical. Coffey begins his blog post with a list of historical, political and exegetical controversies Scott’s film has caused. By way of these current debates, Coffey introduces the main subject of his own book: significance of the tale of Exodus in the Anglophone world. Coffey offers quick but fascinating glimpses of his book, touching upon topics including the Protestant struggle to deliver itself from the Catholic Church, as well as the both identifying and alienating relation the African American community maintained with the tale of Moses.