Possible location of trial of Jesus

Possible location of trial of Jesus near Tower of David Museum

antonia fortress

Model of Antonia Fortress © Israel Museum

Traditionally, the Antonia Fortress, built by Herod the Great near the Temple Mount, was considered to be the site of the trial of Jesus. This belief was later refuted by archaeological discoveries, and the exact historical location of the trial of Jesus has largely remained a mystery. About fifteen years ago, however, during the expansion of the Tower of David Museum, archaeologists uncovered what they believed to be the site of the famous trial of Jesus before Pontius Pilate. According to Shimon Gibson of University of North Carolina at Charlotte, the new site fits the descriptions of the trial in the Gospel of John. Moreover, it seems that the site’s proximity with the Tower of David corresponds well with previously available historical evidence. After years of research and further excavations, the site is now open to the public.



For more information: http://www.washingtonpost.com/world/middle_east/archaeologists-find-possible-site-of-jesuss-trial-in-jerusalem/2015/01/04/6d0ce098-7f9a-45de-9639-b7922855bfdb_story.html