Renowned Scholar of Hebrew Bible and Assyriology Retires

Jack M. Sasson, Renowned Scholar of Hebrew Bible and Assyriology Retires

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Formerly Mary Jane Werthan Professor of Jewish Studies and Hebrew Bible at Vanderbilt University, Jack M. Sasson has retired from teaching. Sasson’s research interests have covered the Hebrew Bible and Assyriology, with a special focus on the ancient Semitic city of Mari, Syria, which was destroyed around 1760 B.C. For instance, he reconstructed vignettes of the ancient society based on a vast quantity of clay tablets that Mariote kings used to correspond with diplomats, administrators and family members. Most recently, Sasson’s new translation of Judges: 1-12, accompanied by his commentary, has been published by the Yale University Press. He founded Vanderbilt’s Program in Jewish Studies and was part of the editorial committee of journals such as the Biblical Archaeologist and Mesopotamian Studies. Though he has retired from teaching, Sasson will continue his research activities, and chapters 13-21 of Judges are likely to be one of his priorities. 

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