Revitalization of the Harvard Semitic Museum

The Harvard Semitic Museum revitalized with renovation and new exhibits


Recently, the Harvard Semitic Museum has been undergoing a major renovation. Though the renovation is still in progress, diverse parts of the building, including the lobby, elevators, collections space, have already been newly refurbished. To celebrate this revitalization, the museum has proposed several new exhibitions, among them From the Nile to the Euphrates: Creating the Harvard Semitic Museum, which, as its title suggests, examines the history of the museum. The exhibit focuses on the founding vision of scholar David Gordon Lyon (1852-1935), the first director of the museum. Lyon wished that the museum not only display and store artifacts, but also devote itself to the teaching and learning of ancient Near Eastern history, languages and cultures. The museum was completed in 1903 and now holds more than 40,000 artifacts.

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